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El Salvador

Dear Friends,

With this letter I would like to share with all of you some things about my country, El Salvador.

My country is a little tiny land with many beautiful things for example its valleys, mountains, rivers, lakes, etc.

Its people are really friendly, kind and hardworking.

Kids do a lot of things for play.  Boys play with many different toys like yo-yos, and capiruchos.  They make cars out of wood and almost all of the boys love to play soccer.  Girls like to play with dolls made up of old cloth and Barbies.  They jump ropes and play with tea sets made of mud (they are really nice) or china.  These are just some things kids do to entertain themselves.  Kids also watch t.v., play on computers, play with Nintendo and other things.

The cities are beautiful and colorful because they are a combination of ancient times and modern times.  In almost all the cities there still remain old Gothic style buildings and there are new buildings so that makes a beautiful contrast.

The climate in my country is warm and the sun shines all the year and when it rains it is still warm.

I hope that with this brief letter, you will learn a little more about my


          Liggia (age 14)

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19 March 2002

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