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Toronto, Ontario

Hi my name is Frankie.  I am 17 years old.  I came from Hong Kong.  I have been in Toronto for 4 years.  I am a Chinese and I am an grade 11 art student.  There are many kinds of arts.  For example, painting and drawing, graphic design, print marking and many many more.  I like painting and drawing the most because i like to use brushes to draw.  Toronto is a big city and people are crazy about hockey like the other Canada provinces.  I am not really into hockey but I like soccer and basketball.  Unlike Hong Kong Toronto is a city with multi-cultures.  You can hear all kinds of languages at the bus stops while you are waiting for a bus.  Toronto is quite hot this week.  People can get mad very easily because of the hot weather.  The electricity got cut off because of the over use of air-conditioning.  There was also a oil truck blew up because the heat from the sun.  You can imagine how hot it is.



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4 July 2002

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