11th State New York
July 26, 1788

Did you know these things about New York State?:

Capital: Albany
Biggest City: New York City
Presidents born here: Martin Van Buren (Kinderhook, 1782), Millard Fillmore (Locke Township, 1800), Theodore Roosevelt (New York City, 1858), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Hyde Park, 1882).
State Nickname: The Empire State
State Motto: Excelsior (Ever Upwards)
Statue of Libery: Welcomes visitors and immigrants to the United States.  The huge sculpture was a gift to the United States from the Government of France in 1858.  It was brought disassembled by boat and reassembled on Liberty Island in the New York Harbor.  Lady Liberty holds a torch in her up stretched right hand.  The complete name for the statue is: "Liberty Enlightening the World".  The huge statue is actually a hollow copper structure, much visited and widely photographed.

Text courtesy of Tammy Reniff

I live in out in the country of Western New York.  It is mostly farm land here where I live on top of a big hill.  It is an hour drive to Rochester, New York (the nearest city) and a 6 hour drive to the big New York City that everyone thinks of when they hear about New York State.  West Sparta is not even on most maps, but you can find Nunda or Dansville.  West Sparta has no post office or school.  We use the schools and mail service of our two neighboring small country towns Nunda or Dansville.  Other than farm land, there's just a fire house with three trucks, a church, and a little Country Corner Store.  The Country Corner store is the only place I know where you can still buy penny candy.  With over 100 acres of land, we are able to fish, hunt, hike, or camp right in our own back yard.  West Sparta is so far out in the country that you can't get cable TV, high speed Internet service, natural gas, or town water.  We have well water, bottled propane, and 5 channels on our TV.

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