20th State - Mississippi
December 10, 1817

Interesting facts about our state:

Abbreviation: MS
Nickname: The Magnolia State
Capital: Jackson
Motto: Virtute et armis (By valor and arms.)
Tree: Magnolia Flower: Magnolia
Bird: Mockingbird
Fish: Largemouth or Black Bass
Insect: Honey Bee
Gemstone: Petrified Wood

Text courtesy of Shadow Oaks Elementary 2nd Grade

Shadow Oaks is a K-2 school in Horn Lake, Mississippi.  We have nine second grade classrooms and 24 - 26 students in each class.  We have about 700 students in the school.  There are two teachers in each classroom: one teacher and one assistant.  At our school, we have five activities a week.  Each activity lasts for 45 minutes.  Monday: Music, Tuesday: PE, Wednesday: Computer, Thursday: Library, Friday:PE.  We also have recess every afternoon for 20 minutes.

After school students like to skateboard (we have a skate park), ride bikes, play video games, and watch T.V.  Many students play team sports such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball & volleyball.

We like living in Mississippi, because we see the all of the seasons.  In the summer it is hot and muggy (close or above 100 degrees F).  Winter temperatures range around 30 degrees.  Sometimes we get a little a snow, but not often.  We usually get more ice than snow.  If we get an inch of snow, it is enough for us to get out of school.  We like our snow days!

Here are some interesting facts about Mississippi:
Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo.  We have the world's only catcus plantation in Mississippi!  The famous baseball player, Dizzy Dean, is from Mississippi.

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You can discover all sorts of interesting things about Mississippi and other states by looking in encyclopedias and books at your school or local library.  There are also many wonderful sites on the Internet.  Here are some of our favorites:


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