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  Here are some samples of awful questions we've received:

(This student is asking us to do his/her homework research (ASAP).  This question is also without proper grammar and punctuation.)

could you send me information on the mars explorations please.
ps this is for a school project so could you send it as soon as possible

(To begin with, this question is rude.  It is also very poorly written and could have used a spell and grammar check.)

Dear Imagiverse,
We are teens, the future of the world.We have bien intresed in space for
years only one of us truly has done reserch.... we are aware you may be
trying to hush the affare up but we want to know the truth if you do not
respond in buy april we well email again and if oyu still wish not reply
we well have to think the worst!we don't want you to tell us to look on
wwebsite we have donw that for hours! now we want strait answers
will there be and asdroid hitting earth!
thank you for your time
sorry if we have affened you

i have a question about the NASA : Is the NASA driving with their rockets only to the Pluto or are they going behind it, too???? (When the NASA is going behind it, than please tell me how many kilometres that are !!! When not i say : poor NASA !!)

hi, i did some reading and i want 2 thank you for u answers.  i just wanted to if stars really stay in the sky all day and all night in all the books i have read it never told me

(Names changed to protect the sender:)

My name is Mr. Ed and I am writing you all in hopes that you can answer a question for my daughter, Precious.  Precious is in Middle School. She is a very bright student and is currently boasting an A average!  On one of her science tests she received an A- because of a question about ... Can you please answer this question once an for all and hopefully bring my little girl's grade up to an A!

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