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¨  What is an Advisory Circular and does it have to be followed?

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What is the policy of the advisory circular AC?  Is it mandatory or optional to the operator, and if the operator chooses to apply a certain AC?  Should the operator comply with all the requirements on that particular AC?  Can the operator omit or tolerate some of the requirement if its not a mandatory policy?

ANSWER from Steve Alessi on 26 September 2006:
An Advisory Circular is information that the FAA wants to give out to the aviation community.  These can be in the form of a text book used in a classroom, or a one page document.  Some AC’s are free, while others cost money.  They are used for information only.  The FAA’s website www.faa.gov will have a complete list of all current Advisory Circulars.  Since these publications are information put out by the FAA, I would not advise an operator to ignore them.  While they are not regulations, they do provide information about regulations and operations.

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